MARKO CESAREC              

 The unpredictable timeline

1 May 13 -16
1 May - 30 May 2021
Thursday - Sunday  13 pm - 17 pm
Lund Sweden

Eternal Rainbow
Jonas Theselius
Stewdio Seved, Malmö Sweden Opening  14-18 pm December 5th 2020

Jonas Theselius has been involved in a number of exhibitions, events in Sweden and abroad with a
focus on
conceptual painting, installations and objects. He is a member of the artist group Meteor
and lives and works in the Swedish towns of Malmö and Stockholm.

It is a
subconscious unifying visual mindset and ways to observe which lead to the exhibition with Jonas Theselius.
Despite the fact that
at first appearance with very large external differences in the way of working
there has always been something like a common denominator in visual observation that unify.
A vision that exist in another dimension beyond common prevailing perceptions and aesthetics. A kind of
visual language. Our paths are changing in different directions. Maybe it is the non-linear narrative in
the human existence
that make us more open and receptive for this subconscious unifying visual mindset

Marko Cesarec

curatored by

Marko Cesarec, Tamara de Laval, Ossian Theselius


Let art spread in the word like a virus
Eslövs Konsthall, Sweden 2020

 Quarantine Project
Funhi Colombia
Fundation Humana Integral
                             Opening August 21th 2020                    

Why the binary should have all the pun
TIFA working studios, Pune India
May 15 - June 3  2019


6th April – 18th April 2019
Alta art space  Celsiusgatan 40 Malmö Sweden and Willys entrance
OPENING 6th April 4 pm - 9 pm  Metood 5 pm
10th - 14th April  2 pm - 5 pm
17th - 18th April 2 pm - 5 pm



in industrial cities
Art evening Lund
Bredgatan 10
October 20, 5 pm-11 pm 2018

Aura 90 year,

  Mårtenstorget 3 Lund
July 21 - September 2nd 2018

Winter Solstice December the 21st 2017
Lilla fiskaregatan 8  5 pm Lund, Sweden

A luminous, crackling plutoniumcomb, stars, planets, rokets and other subtly luminous in a
black emptiness. Do we want to get radioactive just right for Christmas? Maybe can this
portal to another dimension invoke the forces that is needed to stop one maybe
oncoming nuclear war? Should we spend all the money and Earth ́s resources on a total
destruction perptual machine? Universe blinks constantly to all their inhabitants. We all
want to live on so hope it goes well.

Marko Cesarec
assistant Tamara de Laval


Opening  5 October - 7 pm
Centro Cultural de Cali


Sjöbo konsthall
23 September - 20 Oktober 2017

Apocalypse now
Open Air Artist Workshop on Pakri Peninsula, Paldinski Estonia 4th August - 11th
August 2017

about Universe

An exchange art project & exhibition Howrah-Malmö
21-30 April 2017
open 4pm-8pm
about the animation

Galleri PS
med Jonas Theselius
8-23 april 2017

Dold konst - Hidden Art in Venice
november 2015

Dold konst - Hidden Art in Istanbul
october 2015

Brösarps konsthall

  29 Augusti - 20 September
Vernissage 29/8 kl 13.00

Dold konst - Hidden Art

  Slottsparken & Kungsparken 13 Juni - 13 September
Invigning vid stora dammen i Slottsparken
Malmö ljudpark spelar kl 13 sedan läser Abdirisak Shukri sina dikter.

En reflektion över naturens former, tiden, ljuset och existensen.
Formen som bildas är nästan en hyperbolisk paraboloid, vanligast förekommande formen i naturen.
Den försöker få ett ljus att sväva.
En tanke som växer fram i sin omgivning och vill komma bort från det litterära romantiserandet av
naturen och istället låta ljuset blotta den tekniska inneboende poesin i naturens former.